Nissan NV200 WAV 2016

Nissan NV200 WAV 2016 The NV200 is equipped with a powerful, efficient 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder engine.The NV200 offers a roomy 138 cu. ft. of interior space, 4 passenger seats, easy-entry dual sliding doors and modern features like its navigation and intercom system.When it comes to passenger accessibility, The NV200 has you covered, especially with the rear-entry wheelchair ramp, along with an integrated restraint system that quickly and safely secures wheelchairs in place.For added safety, rear lights alter other motorists when the door opens and passengers are exiting.The NV200 fixed step and grab handles provide easy entry and exit for passengers.The NV200 is large enough to carry luggage for four.Rideshare & Delivery
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Nissan NV200 (New Condition)

Nissan NV200 (New Condition) Green Taxi for Rent To Rent Please Visit Cairo Center in Astoria Queens. Address 18-33 27th Ave. Please bring with you: DMV License, TLC License, Social Security Card, Proof of Address (Bill), also bring with you your WAV training proof. The Price of the Weekly Rental is Negotiable!! BUT IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE DRIVER — IF YOU HAVE ACCIDENTS AND PLENTY OF POINTS THERE IS NO POSSIBILITY OF DISCOUNT! * NOT RENTABLE FOR ONLY 1-2 DAYS OR 1-2 WEEKS (MUST RENT 2 MONTH MINIMUM). Upon Approval from Insurance: Security Deposit is needed and a 2 Voided Checks.
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